News - March 19, 2023

Fish Friendly Pipework

Stainless Steel Fish Friendly Pipework

This project for the land drainage industry. Designed by the main contractor to their client’s duty requirement. And designed not only to offer a safe passage to fish and eels. But also to offer enhanced life, lower maintenance costs and improved efficiency. The project involved fabricating, welding and machining fish friendly pipework from stainless steel Grade 316L material

A range of fabrications made up the pipework. Pump Casing, Motor Stool, Delivery Bend & Rising Main.

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Stainless Steel Headplate

Water Projects UK

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We predominantly serve the water industry, supplying all aspects of work including:

  • Carbon or Stainless Pipework: Firstly steel rising main pipework is a core product, comprising flanged spools to customer specifications. Secondly steel water pipe fittings which includes fabricated duckfoot and lobster back bends. Thirdly we can fabricate a competitive range of bespoke tees, reducers and manifolds as an alternative to ductile iron pipework.
  • Bridge Scrapers: The rotating half bridge scraper installation includes, bridge, centre steel tripod, end carriage, diffuser drum and scraper assembly. The half-bridge scraper rotates about a central pivot and the outer end comprises the end carriage which carries the bridge drive and wheel assemblies.
  • Pressurised Storage Containers: We produce a range of pressurised storage and transport containers. And these are for the safe handling of very expensive spare parts (turbine rotors and pump impellors).
  • Galvanised Steelwork: Our workforce includes fully trained fabricators and coded welders. We work to the highest standards to make sure our fabricated metal products and structures meet all specified tolerances. We design, supply and install galvanised steelwork. This includes installation of steel handrails.
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