Our vision
and values

Today, the vision for George Green is for us to be the most highly regarded manufacturer and supplier of pipework and structural steelwork in the UK and beyond.

To achieve this, we remain loyal to set a of values that have been at the heart of our company since our foundation in 1900:

We are passionate about achieving the highest standards in all aspects of our work and the products we create.

We develop pioneering solutions, courageously take on new challenges and explore new opportunities.

We invest in our people and develop strong and collaborative relationships with our partners and customers.

We pride ourselves on a friendly and engaged customer service that’s appreciated by everyone we work with.

We do our utmost to take care of our employees, customers, the public and the environments we work in.

Our heritage

George Green was founded in 1900 and became a leading designer and manufacturer of foundry equipment in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK for the next 60 years.

In the 1960s, we moved to our present, purpose-built site in Keighley, which was a vital step for our family business, as it allowed us to grow over the following decades. This expansion included us supplying foundry equipment to companies in Europe, Canada and Africa, as well as the UK, and branching out into other fields of manufacturing, such as producing large bore pipework and structural steelwork for the water sector.

From the late 1990s, we started to diversify even further, and today we design, manufacture and install all aspects of mechanical work. This includes reservoir tower refurbishments, valve refurbishments, booster pumping stations, carbon steel and stainless steel pipework, half bridge scrapers and general safety work.

Our history


George Green (Foundry Engineers) Ltd is founded and starts to specialise in the manufacturing of furnaces and foundry tools for the casting of metal.



We branch out and start to manufacture a range of products, including ladles (soup was very popular), metal castings of all shapes and sizes, and cupolas (the small, often dome-like, structure on top of a building).


We move to our current site on Parkwood Street in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Carefully designed and built with the future in mind, our impressive workshop was the catalyst to our impressive expansion.


Diversification is central to our work as we begin to supply foundry equipment to more companies across the world and start to manufacture a wider range of steelwork, including pipes for water companies.


We change our name to George Green (Keighley) Ltd to reflect that we no longer primarily manufacture foundry equipment and now design, supply and install a comprehensive range of metal works.


Since the turn of the century, we’ve increasingly been involved with major pipework projects for the water sector and the supply of components to the oil, gas and petro chemical industries.

Health and safety

We take the health and safety of our employees, customers and the public very seriously. As a result, we do all the following and more:

  • Ensure all our work practices and products meet the relevant legislation and regulations
  • Use trained employees to carry out method statements and risk assessments for activities such as lifting and site work
  • Make sure all the equipment we use is regularly serviced, checked for defects and certified
  • Re-evaluate and, when possible, improve our health and safety practices
  • Encourage all employees to always consider and minimise risk when carrying out work

It’s this dedication to health and safety and desire to continually improve in this area that has resulted us in achieving an excellent health and safety record.

External health and safety support

As well as carrying out exemplary health and safe practices internally, we work alongside , who are leading health and safety consultants and employee law experts.

Their knowledge and support helps us to maintain full compliance with all health and safety legislation and keep up to date with any new developments in this area.

A safe subcontractor

If we are subcontracted to work on a project, we always conform to our client’s health and safety requirements, which typically include the following:

  • Golden rules
  • Operational safety standards
  • Site rules
  • Site environmental rules